About CMTS

Creative Music Therapy Solutions is now over a decade old!! We have grown from a team of four to a team of fifteen.

Creative Music Therapy Solutions Inc., provides Music Therapists for permanent as well as temporary positions, working with clients in their homes and in established facilities.

News and Information from CMTS

Winnie Chan, BMT I often get asked, “What is music therapy?”  Even as a music therapy student, I realized that most people have only a vague idea of what we music therapists do. “Oh, I saw a music therapist at a seniors home. They entertain the residents.” “Music therapist? So you just have to play music, right?” “Volunteers often sing […]

Shannon Ingersoll, MTA Jim was in bed when the music therapist arrived at his room. He was restless and uncomfortable, and expressed, “I am in a lot of pain today.” He was curled up on his side, his large hands gripping the bed rail, his face creased with pain. His wife was sitting with him, looking concerned and anxious. The […]

  Nadine Cadesky, Ph.D, MTA, MT-BC An acquired brain injury (ABI) is an injury to the brain (that occurs after birth) resulting from a trauma to the brain, cerebral vascular accident, brain tumor, aneurism or similar cause. Not included in this category are brain abnormalities/damage caused by birth trauma, developmental disorders, congenital conditions and degenerative diseases. A traumatic brain injury […]

Shannon Westlake, BMT, MTA, BA A group of residents gathers together in the activity room at the care home. Residents chat with their neighbours, joking and exchanging smiles and laughs as more people slowly filter in. At the front of the room is a music stand, CD player, and piano. Today is choir practice! As a music therapist I always […]

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