About CMTS

Creative Music Therapy Solutions is now over a decade old!! We have grown from a team of four to a team of fifteen.

Creative Music Therapy Solutions Inc., provides Music Therapists for permanent as well as temporary positions, working with clients in their homes and in established facilities.

Kamila Pelka, BA, BMT, MTA




Bachelor of Music Transfer Program (piano), Capilano College

Bachelor of Arts degree (music and psychology double major), UBC

Bachelor of Music Therapy degree, Capilano University

Music Therapist Accredited (CAMT) 2018

Populations you specialize with: 

-older adults in long-term and tertiary care (patients admitted had a dual diagnosis)

-adolescents with developmental delay.

-elder residents living in a long-term care

Special Skills /Related Training:

Fluent in Polish.

Guided Imagery & Music (Level 1).

Grade 10 Royal Conservatory of Music (Piano)

Standard First Air with CPR-C.

Personal History: I was born in Vancouver and raised in Richmond, BC. As a Polish-Canadian (both of my parents immigrated from Poland), I feel really lucky to be bilingual. Music has always been a big part of my life. Showing interest in music during my older brother’s piano lessons (which I sat in on), I began learning piano at the ripe age of 4. Earlier musical training focused on western art music (classical music), which involved participating in music festivals and completing music exams. A shift toward playing by ear, improvising, and playing a wider variety of music has been so sweet and so fun for me! Earlier musical training also included singing in choirs; these experiences not only helped with vocal training, but they also demonstrated how nice it is to make music with other people. During my music therapy training, I learned how to play the guitar and the accordion. In addition to making music, I enjoy drawing, cooking, and practicing yoga.

Professional History: As a supervised music therapy student and intern, I have experience working with older adults in long-term care, tertiary care (patients admitted had a dual diagnosis), and adolescents with developmental delay. In my 1,000-hour music therapy internship (which I completed in early 2017), I offered music therapy to residents living in a long-term care facility. Unit-specific (i.e., special care, extended care, palliative care) music therapy sessions included choir/ukulele/hand chime choir performance groups, song-writing, music & imagery, celebration of life, improvisation, and music appreciation groups, and song- or theme-based programs.

In addition to working as a music therapist, I work as a piano teacher. My experiences as a piano teacher have included working with children and teens with special needs. With all of my students, I aim to offer creative, engaging, and success-based learning opportunities.

I am eager and excited to continue working as a music therapist, and I am honoured to be part of the Creative Music Therapy Solutions team.

Work Philosophy:

Working from a humanistic or person-centered perspective, I want to get to know the person I am spending time with and serving. I offer patience, kindness, and support when I am with others. I enjoy meeting people in music, and I find that music (a beautiful, flexible, creative, and engaging stimulus) is an effective connector.

Personal Life Philosophy:

I like to explore all aspects of life – I appreciate the “good” stuff, but I also make room for the “bad” stuff. I have learned a lot about myself by noticing and giving room to the experiences that come my way, whatever they happen to be. In life, I can be thoughtful and sensitive, and I can be silly and creative. I value deep connection in my relationships, and I value my openness and authenticity.