About CMTS

Creative Music Therapy Solutions is now over a decade old!! We have grown from a team of four to a team of fifteen.

Creative Music Therapy Solutions Inc., provides Music Therapists for permanent as well as temporary positions, working with clients in their homes and in established facilities.

Meet Our Team!

CMTS Inc. is proud to have these team members on staff. Click on their picture to learn more!

Aisling Hennessy, BA, MMT

Amelia Koebel, BMT, MTA

Caitlin Monument, MTA, BC-MT

Kamila Pelka, BA, BMT

Christine Dibble

Christine Dibble, MMT, MTA

Corey Hollett, MTA, BC-MT

Danielle Schmidt, BMus, BMT, MTA, MT-BC

Emily Teng, MMT, MTA, BMUS

Isabel Lavender, BMT, MTA, MT-BC

Jeff Tseng, BA, BMT, MTA 

Jennyfer Hatch, BMT, MTA

Judith Pereira, BMT

Louise Cadrin, BA, BMT, MTA, FAMI

Marni headshot

Marni Brechin, Dip-MT, MTA

Michelle Choi

Michelle Choi, BMT

Rebecca Barr, BMT, SEAc, MTA


Sheldon Francescini, BMT, MTA, MT-BC 

Tasha Neufeldt, BMT

Shannon Ingersoll, BMT, MTA  (Administration Assistant)