About CMTS

Creative Music Therapy Solutions is just about 20 years old !! We have grown from a team of four to a team of eighteen. C.M.T.S.provides Music Therapists for permanent as well as temporary positions, working with clients in their homes and in established facilities. We work with a widely diverse client base including children and adults on the Autism spectrum , veterans with PTSD , and geriatrics with great results. We also have therapists specializing in mental health and addictions, brain injury , and in geriatrics with dementia and Alzheimer’s. We have a great, skilled team to serve your needs.

Sam King, BMus, BMT, MTA

Credentials: Bachelor of Music, Berkeley College of Music;  Bachelor of Music Therapy, Capilano University; Music Therapist Accredited, Canadian Association of Music Therapists (CAMT)

Populations you specialize with: Addictions, Long-Term Care

Special Skills /Related Training: Trauma Informed Practice Training 1

Personal History: I grew up in South Surrey where I began playing guitar at age 13, which is my primary instrument. My first instrument was alto saxophone. The fingerings for that instrument transferred over to clarinet which was my high-school concert band instrument for a number of years. I love music but I also love being active. I enjoy walking/hiking in nature. But my favourite outdoor activity is cycling. A random fact: my all-time favourite movie is Apocalypse Now.

Professional History: I taught guitar for 7 years while playing in various bands ranging from metal, jazz / improvised music, classic rock, and blues. I currently sing and play harmonica and guitar in a blues band called the Black Top Blues Band. I’ve been a music therapist for almost 2 years. Within the first 4 months of becoming a music therapist, I acquired contracts in long-term care (Three Links Care Centre), addictions (Pacifica Treatment Centre), and stroke recovery (North-Shore Stroke Recovery Centre).

Work Philosophy: My music therapy training predominantly consisted of a humanist, client-centred approach. I am also interested in a psychodynamic approach in conjunction with a cognitive-behavioural approach, though I have little training in these schools of therapy. I see the importance of uncovering the ‘routes’ from one’s past that may have led to trauma, addiction, mental illness, etc. while also providing tools and resources to cope / manage one’s life currently. I also work from a social justice lens – keeping an awareness of feminist ideals, resisting toxic masculinity, working towards a decolonizing / inclusive practice (including LGBT2SQIA+ identities).

Personal Life Philosophy: I am a Won Buddhist which is a modern, Korean form of Buddhism. The practice is based in a practical view of Buddhism and how one can serve their community to the best of their ability. I believe in looking for ‘signs’ in life – being attuned / aware of the information that the universe provides in order to guide us. I also believe in karma – that ‘we get what we put in.’

Favourite Quote: “I don’t play a lot of fancy guitar. I don’t want to play it. The kind of guitar I want to play is mean, mean licks.” – John Lee Hooker