Akylina Grace Pardalis

Akylina Grace Pardalis


  • Capilano University BA of Music Therapy (BMT)

Populations you specialize with:

Seniors with Dementia, Children/adolescents with special needs

Special Skills /Related Training:

basic understanding of Greek, written and spoken.

Personal History: Before starting the Music Therapy program at Capilano in 2017, I had pursued a career in Nursing. While I was in the nursing program at Douglas College I was exposed to Music Therapy at my clinical site. After experiencing how transformative Music Therapy can be, I decided to switch majors. As soon as I finished off my semester in Nursing school, I transferred to the Capilano University Jazz Studies program.  After completing two years of Jazz studies, I auditioned for the Music Therapy program and have never looked back. My educational experience has been a long journey but such a satisfying and fruitful one. I am so thankful for all my years in post-secondary, my nursing school experience and for the Music Therapy program.

Professional History: I have been teaching private music instruction since 2012. I teach beginner voice, guitar, ukulele and piano. I completed my Music Therapy internship in 2020. I have worked with varying populations. Seniors with dementia, Parkinson's, stroke and MS, children and adolescents with social/emotional needs and learning difficulties as well as children who are on the ASD spectrum. I have also worked with adults and youth with mental health and addiction.

Work Philosophy: My approach is strongly based in Carl Rogers "client centred care" perspective. Every individual has inherent value and brings something to the table, even if it is just their presence. My goal is to create a village setting, where everyone is welcome no matter their age, ability, etc. Whether in group or individual sessions, my intention is for the client to feel wholly accepted, calm and included in the musical process in a way that suits their needs and goals. Everyone brings something to the table, even if all they can give is their presence.

Personal Life Philosophy: My personal life philosophy follows a lot of how I see music therapy. No matter who you are, everyone has inherent value. No matter ability, age, gender etc. we all have something to add to the world around us, even if that is just our presence, it is more than enough.

Favourite Quote: “We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.” Brene Brown