Ali Stone
Capilano University, 2021

Ali Stone


  • Bachelor of Music Therapy (Capilano University), 2021, MTA, MT-BC

Populations you specialize with:

  • Geriatrics, Palliative care, Mental health

Special Skills /Related Training:

  • First Aid Level 1
  • Piano (RCM Grade 8 Piano, first class honours)
  • Folk guitar
  • Banjo

Personal History: I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, however, the majority of my upbringing took place on Bowen Island, BC. Growing up on Bowen Island, I took inspiration from the natural world and applied this inspiration to my music and art. From very early memories, music has served as a means of accompaniment throughout my life. Both music making and listening has shaped my self concept, and has undoubtedly influenced the way I move about and interact with the world. As long as I remember, I have had a musical home. The sounds of rich harmonies and stringed folk instruments would fill the air, as my mum and her band would practice on Sunday afternoons. My connection with music grew stronger as I became more exposed to it, and at the age of six I began taking piano lessons. My relationship with the piano opened up an unexpected safe container for self-expression and catharsis that served me then, and serves me to this day.

I first remember hearing about Music Therapy at the age of 14. I was at my weekly piano lesson, and my instructor mentioned the two words “music therapy” to me. I remember the feeling of something hitting me in that moment. I knew nothing about the profession at that time, but those two words sat so comfortably with me. Over the last while, I have had the privilege to observe music transform itself to serve each client in a way that was person-centred and goal oriented.

Professional History: Through my clinical practical experience, I have worked with neuro-diverse children, vulnerable women with addiction and mental illness, as well as seniors with dementia and other co-morbid disorders. My 1000 hour internship was completed in the summer of 2021 at Broadway Pentecostal Lodge, supervised by Kristen Shin (MTA). While in internship I was primarily working with older adults with mild to severe dementia, facilitating a variety of programs, both individual sessions, group sessions, as well as collaborative programs with other staff at the facility. As of recently, I have been able to gain experience in tele-health music therapy, working with older adults. Before entering the field of music therapy, I have had experience working in mentorship roles with children. I have also worked in customer service for 10 years.

Work Philosophy: I work from a holistic, client-centred, strength based music therapy framework. I am a firm believer in the concept of being able to meet our clients where they are at in a particular moment in time, and walking along side them in these moments. I am committed to incorporating an anti-oppressive approach into my music therapy work. This includes practicing inclusivity and cultural sensitivity with every client I work with, whilst acknowledging my own biases and privileges that I bring forward into the therapeutic space.

Personal Life Philosophy (how you view the world):

There is room for everyone at the table.

Favourite Quote:

“An acorn does not have to say, ‘I intend to become an oak tree.”  ~ Sonya Renee Taylor