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Cailey Dye

Cailey Dye | BMT

Credentials: Capilano University – Bachelor of Music Therapy, MT-BC

Populations you specialize with: LTC, Seniors, and Mental Health.

Special Skills /Related Training:

  • Registered Cardiology Technologist
  • CPR Certified
  • Emergency Medical Responder Certification

Personal History: I grew up in Kitimat BC. I did not come from a wealthy family, but music was always in our home. Music education in the school system was around but was eventually cut from the curriculum, and there were not many musical opportunities when I was growing up. There were no music schools and no dance schools. I learned how to play the trumpet from a local teacher who conducted lessons out of her home. I learned how to tap dance in my teacher’s garage on a piece of plywood. My first pair of tap shoes had to be purchased 3 towns away because that was the closest dance supply store. I took lessons from a voice instructor who was self-taught, with no music degree. Despite not having ample opportunity for music, the passion I have for it persisted. I am so thankful to everyone who has helped me on my musical journey and hope that I can help others reach their goals and dreams as well.

Professional History: After graduating high school, I attended the University of Victoria for General Science. Later I moved to Edmonton and became an Emergency Medical Responder working on oil rigs in Alberta. When the recession hit, I trained as a care aid, and then as a Registered Cardiology Technologist. As a Cardiology Technologist, I became a leader and educator in my field. As an educator, I mentored many cardiology technology students through Stenberg College. As a leader, I held positions on the local OH&S committee representing my department and held several positions on the ASRCT Executive Board as an Education Coordinator.

Work Philosophy (your style and approach to your work): My work philosophy uses parts of many different psychological and sociological approaches. Centred in these approaches is the humanistic and anti-oppressive approach. I believe that often, therapy is most effective when the client directs the therapist to what they need, and when the therapist is able to meet the client where the client is at. I believe in setting the client up for success, that the therapeutic relationship is central to the efficacy of therapy, and that a little compassion and kindness go a very long way.

Personal Life Philosophy: Life is hard, but it is made easier by people who genuinely want to help others. I want to help.

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