Jude Pereira

Judith Pereira, BMT


  • Bachelor of Music Therapy Capilano University, 2017

Special skills/ training:

Classical Violin, Classical and folk guitar, ukulele, piano, Industrial first aid CPR-C

Personal History: Music showed up in my life at the beginning of primary school. I loved it from day one. I loved how it vibrated through me and evoked powerful responses in me and the audience.  I enjoyed playing 2nd and then 1st violin in the Richmond Youth Orchestra throughout high school and in university I sang in the choir. For me, these experiences solidified the power of making music together. I fell in love with sharing sounds.

I ventured into music therapy after I helped a little boy, with limited language and brain injury, uncover his ability and love to play the violin. I noticed that his social, expressive and communicative skills increased as well. I was certain this had something to do with the music and the way we were interacting through it. I looked into it. And sure enough it all aligned with music therapy. And so I became a music therapist.

I enjoy cycling, playing soccer, collecting and PLAYING with LEGO, drawing, sculpting cooking, making music for myself and with my friends, and hanging out in nature with my friends and dog, Ziggy.

Work History: As a supervised music therapy student I have gained experience working with Stroke and TBI rehabilitation, Youth and adults with Development Delay, and long term care with a focus on Parkinson’s, Alziemers and Dementia. I also have nearly a decade of experience working closely with youth and adults living with developmental delay and mental health.

I have facilitated successful music group programs, LEGO play programs, individualized community based life skills programs and assembly production programs in a warehouse setting. These experiences have enabled me to integrate the creative arts into this work. The outcomes have successfully addressed social, expressive and communicative goals.

In spring 2017 I completed my supervised 1000 hour internship at the German Canadian Care home working with seniors living with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Mental Health. In addition I also interned at the Developmental Disabilities Association. Working with youth and adults with Developmental Delay and mental health.

Music therapy services I have provided include: co-leading hand chimes, vocal and ukulele choirs, facilitating a spiritual song circle and running small and large groups and individual music therapy sessions ( in which art and music were used). I have also facilitated hip hop and spoken word groups using technology to address expressive and communicative goals and I ran a series of community song circles addressing an array of social and physical goals.

Work Philosophy: I feel fundamental congruence with the writings of Gaston, Carolyn Kenny and Virginia M. Axline. My work has been described as humanistic and client centred. I work from the Nordoff Robbins perspective that a (creative) music child lives within us all.

Regardless of whether we have ever been exposed to music I believe that each and every one of us harness abilities and potential that can be uncovered through music therapy and the the creative arts. Through an engaging and safe, contained space these mediums have the ability to uncover and validate our potential and skills can then be developed. A sense of agency and autonomy can be discovered or rediscovered and memories can come to light.

Favourite quotes:

“You are the music while the music lasts” -T.S Eliot

“Work is love made visible” Khalil Gibran

“We are all just walking each other home” -Ram Dass