Luke Burton

Luke Burton MMT, MTA, MT-BC


  • Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts Music, Hons. BFA, York University
  • Masters of Music Therapy MMT, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • MT-BC (US Certification Exam) credited with the Canadian Association of Music Therapists (CAMT)

Specialized Populations: Geriatrics, Mental Health (all ages), Developmental Differences (all ages), Acquired Brain Injury, Artists, Spiritual Health, Sensitives

Special Skills /Related Training: I am a Certified Yoga Teacher, (CYT-Yasodhara Ashram Society), I speak French and have studied Transpersonal Psychotherapy extensively.

Personal History: I have English and French Ancestry and was born and raised on a horse farm outside Peterborough, ON. Peterborough is traditional territory of the Mississauga First Nation and has been called Nogojiwanong, “the place where the rivers meet” for over 1000 years. My dad is a professional musician and my mom taught horseback riding lessons, and now lives at a yoga ashram. I took seven years between high school and university to travel and do spiritual work. I am married to my match, Margo, who inspires me daily.

Professional History: I’ve worked as a handy man, gardener, music teacher, professional musician and yoga teacher. I started a private music therapy practice in Peterborough after graduating with my Masters in 2014. I worked in several long-term care and retirement homes and worked with individual private clients covering a wide range — from teenagers wanting a therapeutically-minded music teacher, to adults with acquired brain injuries, to working professionals wanting to deepen their creativity and spiritual connection, to non-verbal clients with serious developmental differences.

Work Philosophy: I work in a client-centered, music-centered, humanistic way. Meaning that I strive to meet people deeply, in their own world, in music. I trust that the by bringing my training and intuition, an open heart and fullness of presence to the relationship, the client’s natural and unique impulse towards health and LIFE will be stimulated and lead the therapy, the music, the relationship and their blossoming.

Personal Life Philosophy: What a massive question! Really it changes depending on my mood, which often changes based on the day of the week, the weather, what I’ve eaten or how much sleep I’ve gotten. In this moment, I view the world as a profound, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, beautiful, responsive, self-organizing mystery of infinite intelligence, power, fragility, intimacy and playfulness.

Favourite Quote: “What if the goal were to accept yourself as you are?” James Gates