Michelle Choi

Michelle Choi. BMT

It is with great sadness that I share the loss of a wonderful Music Therapist, Michelle Choi.

Michelle was my friend and colleague who worked with the CMTS team for almost 20 years, since her graduation of the Bachelor of Music Therapy Program at Capilano College/Open Learning Agency. She courageously fought with her cancer for 16 months. Michelle will be forever remembered by her daughter/Claire, family, friends, colleagues, and many other people who she touched by her big heart, especially by her clients. Michelle was incredibly loyal and dedicated to her Music Therapy clients. She not only worked hard for her clients, but also she cared about them deeply. She always went the extra miles for supporting them.

Michelle's favourite quote was "Live long and prosper:", she had real zest for life and, she lived her life for the fullest until her end. Michelle passed away on April 30, 2021.

She will be missed greatly.

Sandy Pelley, MTA, BMT, BA