Mylandra Zielinski-Douglas

Mylandra Zielinski-Douglas


  • Bachelor of Music Therapy (Capilano University)
  • Diploma in Music - Flute (Capilano University)

Specialized Populations: long-term care, palliative care, geriatrics, special care, special care +, adult mental health.

Special Skills/Related Training:

  • Trauma Informed Practice
  • Violence Prevention
  • Gentle Persuasive Approach in long-term care
  • Classical Flute
  • Voice
  • Guitar
  • Piano

Personal History: Mylandra was born in Calgary, Alberta, but grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where she was an active participant in various musical activities: choir, band, jazz band, music festival, dance, and community orchestra. Such activities became her passion as she continued to hone her skills. In 2015, she moved to Vancouver, British Columbia where she now pursues a career in Music Therapy.

Professional History: Having completed Capilano University's Music Therapy program in 2020, Mylandra is thrilled to begin her career. She currently works as a Music Therapist at a long-term care facility in the West Vancouver area. She has also had practicum experience as a Music Therapist for adults and seniors in palliative care, special care and mental health facilities.

Work Philosophy: As a Music Therapist, Mylandra comes from a position of patience and a profound understanding that one's mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being are interconnected and, therefore, must be supported holistically. From this perspective, she applies a humanistic, client-centered approach that recognizes that the client is the expert on their own life. Mylandra's goal in her Music Therapy sessions is to provide care to her clients by fostering a safe, uplifting and interactive experience with music as it relates to their individual identity and needs, ultimately aiding them in the development and maintenance of a healthy perspective of their Self in relation to their environment and the world around them.

Personal Life Philosophy: People need people – we’re not meant to be alone, but to be in community and connection with each other.

Favourite Quotes:

“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.” - Anaïs Nin

“Music is in the connection of human souls, speaking a language that needs no words.” - Mitch Albom