Jeff Tseng

Jeff Tseng, BA, BMT, MTA


  • BA in Psychology (SFU)
  • Bachelor of Music Therapy (Capilano University)
  • Music Therapist Accredited-Canadian Music Therapy Assoc.

Populations you specialize with: Seniors, Older Adults

Special Skills /Related Training: Speaks Mandarin, has Perfect Pitch, and plays the Violin

Personal History:  Jeff was born in Taiwan and moved to Canada during high school. He has played music his whole life from violin to piano, and then to guitar, acoustic and electric. Jeff has played in youth orchestras, string ensembles and rock bands. He enjoys making connections with people, particularly in musical settings.

Professional History: Jeff recently graduated from Music Therapy training in Capilano University and has worked mostly with seniors as he spent his internship full time at a long term care centre.   Jeff has also been blessed with working in palliative care in Burnaby hospital in his practicum. Jeff’s first music therapy position was working with stroke patients, something that he has enjoyed tremendously.

Work Philosophy: Jeff’s  approach is client-centred and song based. He tends to utilize his flexibilities on different instruments to maximize the therapeutic effect of songs. Being adaptive and intentional with technique in sound and voice are keys to his success of facilitating the therapeutic process that transcends physical boundaries and limitations.

Personal Life Philosophy: Jeff takes life one day at a time, and try to enjoy the gift that is the present. Jeff pursues what interests him and discover the passion within. He lives with no regret and accept that which is beyond my control.

Favourite Quote:  “If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music.” ~Gustav Mahler