Ruth Francis-Lyster

Ruth Francis-Lyster

Credentials (include where you trained, full titles, and year completed):

  • Music Diploma (Violin Concentration), Capilano University ‘17
  • Bachelor of Music Therapy, Capilano University ‘21
  • Certified Music Therapist (MTA)
  • Neurologic Music Therapy Designation '23

Populations you specialize with:
I specialize with Developmental Disabilities, Neurodiverse Populations and Acquired Brain Injury.

Special Skills /Related Training:
I am a classically trained violinist and violist. I graduated high school in French Immersion and have kept my French language ever since.

Personal History:
I grew up in White Rock, BC, where my early exposure to music was gospel and spirituals. After pestering my parents for an entire year, I began classical violin lessons at age 7. Eventually, this led me to my passion - Celtic fiddle. After multiple psychology courses and music lessons at University, I discovered music therapy and knew it was the profession for me. In 2016, I volunteered as a human rights witness at the International Conference on People’s Rights in the Philippines where I developed a passion for social justice.

Professional History:
Having been recently accredited, I have worked for 2 years as a music therapist with developmentally disabled individuals and groups of all ages.

While at university, I spent a summer as a summer camp coordinator for North Shore Connexions supporting adults with physical and developmental disabilities.

I am a freelance classical violinist, performing in various orchestras and small ensembles.
I’ve previously worked as a Shelter Resource Worker at First United Church Shelter serving unhoused populations.

Work Philosophy:
Strengths-based philosophy, everyone has unique learning styles and strengths that make them awesome!

Personal Life Philosophy:
At the end of the day, everyone is trying their best.

Favourite Quote:
Different is good. When someone tells you that you are different, smile and hold your head up and be proud.” - Angelina Jolie